The 8′ Gedackt on the Choir is the chiffiest stop on the whole instrument, like so much of the Moller organ at the Monastery.  And when given an overripe banana, throw it in the freezer and make banana bread.  By that I mean, it is up to me to make it work.  This particularly stop is a horrible ensemble stop and I rarely use it liturgically.  But I thought it would be an interesting stop for my latest set of improvisations.

In my mind, I consider this an aria/recitative.  After two fairly more energetic improvisations, I thought this particular stop could function in a speaking manner.  And much like the two previous stops, the Bourdon and Waldflote, the Gedackt has several different sounds within the various octaves.  Though, that chiff sure is consistent.  Sheesh.

PS: I just read the Wikipedia article on gadeckt and I had to quote it, saying the gadeckt is a “moderately soft, bland, flute-like tone, invaluable for basic ensemble sound in the pipe organ.”  Too funny.


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