And I have begun another series of evening improvisations.  This series will focus on one particular idea: the timbre of an individual stop.  The original Evening Improvisations, a series of (hopefully) avant-garde experimentations on my part, was trying to explore instruments in interesting ways.  What it lacks, in my opinion, is a more precise and exacting exploration.

There was one improv that I posted that used particular stops for their timbral qualities.  I really liked this as an experiment and I thought it would be interesting to explore it further.  So here is my second series of Evening Improvisations and I have taken it to the next level: each improv coming in this series will only involve one stop.

The only thing I think I want to explain about the improv is that it centers around the pitch E flat. There are some really excellent moments throughout and it being under 4 minutes makes it listenable.

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