The fifth piece in these (free!) piano interludes is perhaps the most obvious in its form: namely, ternary.  I never had the chance to use this in a classroom setting but I am really happy with the B middle section, which is a two voice fugue.  I wrote this fugue for this piece because I had attempted to write an easy fugue for another work (TBA) and I eventually scrapped it.  But I love fugal writing and I find two voices in particular to be challenging as much has to be filled in by the listener.

That being said, I love the contrast between a more aesthetically driven section and something contrapuntal.  Franck, Beethoven, my favorite of the romantics often used counterpoint as an element of contrast.  There is even an interview with Philip Glass where he admits the study of Bach helped him understand voicing.  Maybe the next set of free works I write will be a variety of fugues or some other forms of counterpoint.

Download the score here.


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