This particular Interlude, one I would call a valiant attempt, is supposed to be in rondo form.  As I have stated in previous posts, these Interludes were composed with the a teaching element in mind.  The problem with rondo form is that it is usually a larger scale form, one that cannot simply be put on a single page.  From this point on, this and the next two interludes were never presented to any class I taught.  I like these pieces, but didn’t feel they did what I wanted for teaching purposes.

Interestingly, this was my second attempt at writing a single page rondo.  I’m not sure it is entirely successful, but here it is in any case.  Each line in this rondo form has it’s own form marking, ABACACoda (A-B-A1-C-A2-A-coda in reality).  But expressing this form as found in a single page is quite trite.  Most classical rondo forms are lengthier than this particular piece.  Download it here.

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