Every once in a while, I do enjoy writing some counterpoint.  These chorale preludes, in particular to my compositional/contrapuntal style, sound like a slightly more refined version of some of my improvisations.  (Or perhaps, at least that’s how think of it.)  I often break the rules if there is a certain effect I am trying to achieve.  I am not egregiously breaking the rules, in fact, I don’t believe it is all that noticeable.  I sometimes like dissonance used to emphasize moments to make the music more interesting.

It is also an exercise.  Practicing counterpoint (and occasionally publishing something) keeps the musical mind sharp.  It is why many never tire of playing J.S. Bach, the master contrapuntalist.  I have in the past, written pieces or movements that imitate this style.  This particular prelude is in a form I like to improvise in: the theme starts in one hand while counterpoint flies along and is then switched between hands.  Simple, but effective and from an improvisational standpoint, forces me to think in both terms of above and below a cantus.  Get the score, free, here.

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