It’s been a little while since I have posted an improvisation and part of that is due to technical difficulties as well as the complications to my life and livelihood.  The largest change is in where and when I am playing at the Monastery.  Due to serious illness, my counterpart in the Retreat Center of the Monastery, I have been playing for all of those services and Masses as well.  One of those additions has been to play for a Friday evening Mass as a beginning to the retreats.

You may notice a lack of video as I usually include myself playing.  I have been trying for several weeks to get a good video and they never seemed to turn out due to various technical reasons (that’s code for unfocused lens, bad angle, forgot to hit record…).  So here it is, an improvisation without video.  One little bit about what musical material I am using: in melodic minor, with raised scale pitches 6 and 7, five of those notes create a whole tone series, leaving out do and re.  That’s cool and I used it.

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