Happy Thanksgiving!  Almost that is.  And if you’re in the US (hi Canadian and non-US friends!).  I have sat on a few improvisations that I was not too crazy about from a recording session at Duquesne’s Chapel with the new organ.  I decided this week that I would head back in and try again.  To explain: my goal with the Evening Improvisations was twelve total recordings.  Six from the Monastery, and six elsewhere, Rice and Duquesne.  That plan was built as I was making recordings and in my mind, make a nice cycle.  It happens though, that I become unhappy with a product and feel the need to go back and start over.

In this case, over the weekend, I played for the Retreat Center side of the Monastery as my counterpart was out ill.  Part of their format includes two evening prayers where I get to improvise a long prelude to the service.  This improvisation was born out of one of those evenings.  It starts, as I often like to do, with a collection of harmonic inspired pitches and builds from there.  Unlike the electronic Rogers, the chapel organ has much more timbre to explore.  And unlike the service, I let it get a bit more dissonant.


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