At the beginning of the year, I revisited several older works that I have always found attractive here and here.  Both pieces are fairly simple and do not take much time in the way of expertise, skill, or practice for that matter.  Which is fine!  Complication does not equal quality or success.  That is a fine introduction to an earlier work that is not so easy – Trio, II. Adagio.  I LOVE the Bach trios, the Rheinberger trios, and Hugo Distler’s trio.  They all contain amazing implicated harmony and clear counterpoint.  But that does not make them easy to learn or play even when one is the composer of the work itself.  The outer movements are pretty good but I absolutely adore this inner movement.  I did at one point arrange this for ensemble with two violins, cello, and organ comping.  Someday I may resurrect the arrangement!

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