Last week I was in Houston for the AGO National Convention and what a blast.  In the coming posts, I will include a recording of the Bayoubüchlein piece performance from the convention.  It will not be the actual performance from the convention as the recordings are exclusive to the convention.  That is an aside though to today’s post!  Because I arrived in Houston a few days early, I was able to get into Rice’s amazing organ recital hall and have a go at their magnificent instrument.

This particular improvisation should be reminiscent of an earlier improvisation where I treated the organ as a percussion instrument.  The Fisk/Rosales organ at Rice is a tracker which allows for a different sort of treatment in its percussive qualities.  I do think the improvisation lacks an awareness of all the subtleties of the instrument – I did only have a few hours after all.  My favorite moment though happens around the 2:45 mark when it sounds like something just fell on the ground.  The next several posts will be more improvisations from this most excellent instrument.

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