After quite a few posts of free music and their subsequent recordings, I am here to offer a new improvisation.  On November 23, Duquesne University, which includes myself as one of the professors, hosted a small conference on Charles Tournemire.  It was a delight to take part and present a lecture on the spectral implications in Tournemire’s L’Orgue mystique.  This is not the place to get in to that now, but let’s just leave it at Tournemire’s influence on my improvisation today.  When one spends time rigorously studying and analyzing a particular composer, it’s hard not to pick up on their particulars and aesthetic.

PS: I love the moments when I discover that I need to add an indefinite amount of time.  I finished around 3:17 when I noticed that I there may be more time needed, I added a Coda.

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