And here is the final piece in my (likely first) set of Miniatures, Miniature VIII (Carillon).  As mentioned in a previous post, I said that I had a loose plan for the overall arc of the eight Miniatures, with the intention of ending with something big.  With that, I actually this second or third, fairly early in the process.  What I find interesting about the generation of these eight pieces is that this was perhaps when I started moving slightly towards a Vierne aesthetic with meaning to.  With those earlier posts, I mentioned the incorporation of certain chromatic elements typical of Vierne and it happens right in the middle of the piece.  Unintentional it may be, but this was the source/part of the source of the Vierne-ness of some movements.  Also, it’s a carillon and yeah, hard not to throw a little hommage to Vierne’s phenominal carillon piece.

Keep an eye out for a complete packaged version of all the Miniatures!

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