Miniature VII (Tremolo Chorale) is now up and available!  To be transparent about the process of giving out free music, this is the penultimate piece in the first set of Miniatures.  The original plan was to do eight of them and had picked out a title/form for most of them.  The titles were certainly not always used and adapted as freely as I felt – the Minuet turned into the Moto Minimalismo Minuetto.

This piece, on the other hand, was one of the few that retained its title as originally conceived.  BUT, and this is big, it is a second version that was only revised last week.  Not even revised, it’s pretty much a new piece.  The only elements that remain from the original composition are structural, namely, the back and forth of the tremolo and chorale.  The original was much more straight forward and certainly easier to play.

I want these pieces to be quite distinguishable from the Organbook pieces, which are generally simpler in aesthetic and execution.  Not that one is better than the other, just different.  If I am going to write another set of pieces for mostly manuals, I need a creative reason.  Check out Carsom Cooman‘s Youtube channel if you would like to hear some of the Organbook pieces.  His performances are exquisite!


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