Without further ado, here are the third and fourth Miniatures.  Miniature III (Scherzoso) is actually a second version, not the original that I had composed.  Every once in a while, I will finish a piece and play it later and have a strong feeling that the piece doesn’t work.  That happened in this piece.  Usually, this will happen in the compositional process and figure out a new path or start over.  I stuck with the Scherzoso subtitle and this much better piece was produced.

The second piece, Miniature IV (Andante Cromatica: Hommage á Louis Vierne), was built from ideas in Miniature II; namely the chromatic movement in the intermittent chordal sections.  I think the Vierne reference is subtle in Miniature II, but Miniature IV waves that reference proudly.  The 24 Pieces in Free Style (24 Pièces en style libre) have been an obvious influence for me – I even have my own Organbook with pieces in the 24 keys.  There are a few hommages there as well, but not one to Vierne.  It was time to do so!

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