Today I present a piece from my work titled “Organbook.”  The Organbook was created in the manner that many other keyboard composers have done, namely, 24 pieces in the 24 keys.  The other guideline I gave to myself was keeping the work for manuals.  Honestly, writing that many pieces and keeping them all unique and different … More Composition


Not that I like to admit things like this, I tried using a similar motivic idea as the last post for today’s post. While there are certainly common elements, I like how the pieces in this improvisation unfolds differently, like a small variation on a theme. Being in a different mode (mixolydian) too, it certainly … More Improvsiation


I’m really happy with this one! There’s a moment at the end where I tack an extra coda, but it worked out well. Especially since I changed the tonality of the chant from phrygian to Major (much like Bach did for O Sacred Head). What I particularly like about this improv is that it bridges … More Improvisation