Much of the study of improvisation follows a simple idea: imitate the masters.  Today’s improvisation is an attempt at an improvisation like a Vierne Scherzo.  I like the use of scherzos and other fast paced pieces during communion processions because I don’t think of them as always being reflective; but more often, they should be joyous, maybe even in a rambunctious way.  It’s a solid improvisation, though I certainly could have use another 5 minutes to the paltry 2 or so that I had, thus the abrupt ending.  Though,when one is given lemons, make lemon pie (that’s what my Mom says after all!).

UPDATE: I just realized that this post is identical to another post recently. I have no idea how they got mixed up, but I like this improvisation, so I’m happy to share it twice!

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