On the same day as my last post, my church choir had spent much time learning something that I consider a little more difficult than my average piece.  Originally, Panis Quem Ego was written for the Duquesne organ department choir for one of the chapel Masses that we do.  I didn’t record the original performance, but the piece is a little more tricky than  what my choir is use to.  But they learned it well and sang it well.

There is one mistake (well, there are several, but I’m only going to point out one).  At the end of the piece, the word “vita” is sung.  One of my sopranos accidentally added an “s” to the end of it.  There are a few other blurbs, but I really like this piece and this recoding is pretty solid otherwise.  Someone once pointed out the Duruflé influence; I will ALWAYS take that as a compliment.  In the realm of mistakes one can make on a Sunday, this is not the worst, so I present to you a piece well sung, but not perfect.

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