For some reason, New Child + Easter + End of Semester = I have no time ever.  That being said, I haven’t stopped improvising or recording.  In fact, I’m posting an improvisation from Holy Week that I was particularly happy with.  This particular performance was the last on that particular Teller and won’t be back until the Summer of 2015.  It was recorded from the center of the church, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the file.  Thankfully, I recorded it with my camera!  Though the sound quality isn’t as nice as I would like it, the improv is nicely captured.

ImprovAgony – Full Score

The improvisation is based around three ideas preconceived by myself for this performance.  I tried to program the ideas of Agony, Blood, and Will (as in decision or choice) into musical ideas and the outcome is always interesting.  You will here each idea in the form of the piece as it’s built in three parts with the three ideas.

On a side note, HAPPY EASTER SEASON!  The Agony in the Garden is one of my favorite stories and makes the Easter Season all the more real because of its humanity.  This summer should prove a more prodigious summer than the last, especially in regards to composition.

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