In te speravi, the Offertory proper for the 19th Sunday in ordinary time, is a text from Psalm 30:15-16 and is a little piece I wrote the night before it was performed.  I wanted something Renaissance-like, but with a few modern harmonies that I like.  It’s short, sweet, and followed by a fugal improvisation on the piano.  (Someday, the organ will be fixed…)

An editorial note: I originally filmed this, but I didn’t position the camera well and it didn’t look very flattering to John, my cantor, and myself.  So I extracted the audio from the video file.  There is also a change in the EQ between the singing and the piano to make each part sound better.

Lastly, I was mentioning to our presider at the liturgy that I had whipped out the piece the night before.  John followed that with, “the only thing I whip out is ice cream.”  Now I will think of ice cream every time this piece is done.  Hilarious.

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