Right.  So the organ blower motor is still kaput.  Then what does one improvise without an organ, particularly since one is an organist improviser?  Well, use the grand piano of course.  Now, to make things very clear, I will not claim to be a great pianist.  But I have enjoyed doing more pianistic things while improvising in a somewhat French style.

I have to admit though, I think I have improvised better than this (and didn’t record).  But this particular improvisation is based on a unique theme.  As I work at a Passionist Monastery, they have their own propers for their own feasts.  This day is the Feast of the Precious Blood of Christ.  The readings are from the Passion narrative and focus on the spear piercing Jesus’ side.  If you look closely at the video, you might note that I’m using an old LIBER USUALIS.  It contains chants unique to St. Paul of the Cross that the new Gregorian Missal (or Romanum) does not include.

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