The last post is what I’ll call a VWF: that’s Vaughan Williams FAIL.  Not only did I get the tune wrong, I spelled Vaughan without the second “a”.  In case you’re wondering, it was “Lasst Uns Erfreuen” and not “Sine Nomine.”  BUT this week’s improv is actually on “Sine Nomine” for St. John the Baptist.

At the time of the improvisation, I was in Alaska visiting my family.  Usually when I go there my mother and I play Mass together and this trip was no exception.  You might say, “but I’ve heard you do this before!”  And yes, that’s true.  My simple three-variation form is one of the things I do often.  But here in Alaska, they HAVE NOT heard it.  In fact, the music at the Cathedral is, honestly, less than stellar.  So I thought I would show off, as best I could with little practice.  Hope you enjoy it!

(And yes, I’m wearing shorts.  I didn’t bring any dress clothes and it was 87 degrees.  It does get pretty toasty in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Also really cold.  Like -51!)

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